Climate and Fashion

The exoplanet is tidally locked with its sun, resulting in concentric ovals of various weather patterns known as the hot, temperate, and cold zones.

The hot zone has relaxed many Victorian fashions in favor of clothing suited to the temperature, even to the point of showing exposed skin (though usually only indoors, thanks to the unrelenting sun). Military fashion is also popular here, especially the new "Pith Helmet" that the former military colonists brought with them. The local fauna is often hunted for sport, and the pseudo-metallic pelts or horns are often incorporated into clothes and jewelry.

In most of the temperate zone an attempt is made to follow Victorian fashion. The lower classes do so with the local materials- often the furs of local fauna, or those of imported earth fauna that have gone feral. This second category has started to spread in this area due to a lack of predators, leading to leather being a second favorite fabric. The number of feral rabbits required to make any kind of clothing means that there is a distinctive patchwork effect. The upper classes of the temperate zone, however, manage to quite successfully replicate Victorian fashions, with the addition of local gems, fine furs, intricate filigree rebreathers, and, amongst the men, elaborate beards strewn with warming crystals.

The cold zone, near the rim of daylight, is an especially harsh environment. It is also, however, the site of some of the most valuable industry on the planet, resulting in a large working population and just enough managers to keep things in line. The workers are usually clad in patchwork leather pants, cobbled together from industrial scrap. A rebreather tank clings to their back, secured onto a patchwork waistcoat, spot-welded metal jutting out at odd angles where the machinery has eroded and been repaired. The rebreather mask covers the bottom half of the face; the eyes are covered by reflective goggles, cobbled together from the eyes of an ice-worm and scraps of leather and rubber. Over it all they wear a native fur great-coat, with holes cut to accommodate their EZ-ARRM and any protruding pieces from the leg pistons that mechanically power their rebreathers. The leg pistons also serve as an attachment point to the gyro-sleds that provide mobility to most of the population in this part of the colony. The few members of the upper class in this chilly climate tend to wear Earth-made cold weather clothing, especially fine fur coats, and have beautiful filigree rebreathers lined with silk to prevent frost bite.

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