The Jupiters

The Jupiters (disparagingly referred to as "The Whites" by the general public) are known as an inbred family of albinos- and as the single most powerful family in the colony. The origin of this power is simple: they control the weather.

The tidally locked nature of the colony means human-consumable agriculture is difficult; regulated weather allows for nitrogen replenishment, reliable water supplies, and much-needed mental relief from the constant light. The Jupiters leverage their weather tech to keep the colony firmly under their control. Any disobedience is punished by the removal of their weather tech from the offending areas, though it is suspected that the extraordinarily violent "freak storms" that pop up in those areas are no accident. The Jupiters encourage this suspicion.

The heart of Jupiter territory is the grand flying city, where their primary weather control mechanism resides. The skies of the colony are patrolled by giant glass zeppelins, their powerful gyroscopes visible through the reinforced glass envelopes, while the tick-tock men, clockwork robots, maintain order on the ground. The Jupiters finance the majority of the civilian immigration to the colony; these newcomers arrive in debt to the Jupiters and tend to find the hole deeper than they expected, and increasingly impossible to escape.

The family itself is small, composed of three generations and ten total individuals. The patriarch, Ezekiel Jupiter the 4th, rules his people with an iron fist aided by his wife Jia. Another prominent member of the family is Persephone, a teenage girl who firmly believes in her own superiority. She is usually seen in the company of her simple-minded brother Jack, whose strong-and-slow demeanor combined with the reputation of the Jupiters keeps most people away.

Despite their incredible power, little is known about the Jupiter family's history before the colony. American visitors to the colony have confirmed that the patriarch occasionally speaks in an accent suggestive of New Orleans, and those who also possess or are familiar with albinism speculate as to the Jupiter's apparent lack of the vision problems so often associated with it.

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