The Twitchers

Twitcher (n): 1. A person or thing that twitches. 2. A birdwatcher whose specialized in rare birds. 3. A member of the exoplanetary terrorist organization. See "The Twitchers"
- Jupiter's Dictionary of the English Language

There are exactly two things Twitchers agree on: Twitchers identify themselves using a system of bird feathers, and the barriers of society need to be broken down. Everything else is up to the individuals. There is a group of Twitchers who formed a committee to coordinate their efforts; the suggestions of the committee are usually ignored, except when they aren't. Some of the Twitchers claim to be working for the mad scientist, or following his original intent. They do have access to at least one scientific mind, as the Twitchers have access to technology integrating the metal-based botany of the colonies in a way not seen anywhere else. They share this technology freely, as well as any other technology they manage to reverse engineer and duplicate.

This generous nature helps balance the otherwise negative view the general public has of the group, since their other main activity is violently destroying targets they believe sustain social barriers- everything from exclusive soirees to military installations, depending on the agenda of the Twitcher in question. There is a standing policy to display any captured Twitchers in specially made bird cages, in an attempt to further delegitimize them in the public eye. The horrible puns in the tabloid headlines are, unfortunately, not a part of some larger plot- but rather the sincere efforts of actual journalists.

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