Cultural Make-up of the Colony

Due to the location of the machine, colonization is tightly controlled by the British Empire. Their relocation polices prioritize the colonization corporations (chiefly the Jupiter family), those with former military service, and the nobility, in that order. Anyone in these preferred groups usually immigrates as a household, bringing along family and servants. The British also, if there is time, use the portal to serve sentences of transportation or hard labor in the few mines directly operated by the British. The results of these policies are that the colony contains many ethnicities but a strong influence from British cultural heritage. However, British control isn't perfect. The mad scientist, for one, consistently manages to slip through his proteges and minions. Similarly, smugglers often make it through, many of them suspected agents for the French.

These policies are a simple prioritization; it is possible for anyone who has filled out the correct forms and paid their fees (either on their own or through the aforementioned colonization companies) to pass through to the colony, if the portal stays open long enough.

Note: Throughout this guide, the specific ethnic backgrounds of groups and individuals is rarely given. If it has not been given, then there is no canonical ethnic background for that group. This is one of many things can be played with when remixing the world through our CC license.

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